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Chemical analysis is very important in resistant materials

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Chemical analysis is important, even critical, and is often used as a method of classifying refractories.For example, chemical analysis may indicate that a brick is a silica brick, a magnesite brick, a dolomite brick, a chrome brick, or a composite brick like a magnesite chrome brick.For some specialized materials, such as castable, the necessary treatment should be provided to the user, stating whether the material is suitable for other USES other than those specified.Again, chemical analysis provides only the general result of chemical composition, not the information of distribution.Using bauxite, andalusite or sillimanite can make the alumina content of products up to 60%, but the physical properties of products with similar chemical analysis results may be very different.It can be said that chemical analysis is important only when the amount of its components affects properties such as softening temperature under load, which are better measured directly at any time.


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