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Introduction of high alumina and high strength castable

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High aluminum high strength castable: is a low cement castable, cement content is less than 8%.Unlike ordinary refractory castables, most of the calcium aluminate cement in the matrix is replaced by (econ) ultrafine powder, and at the same time with the right amount of additives to achieve and exceed the performance of ordinary cement castables.

Its main features are as follows:

1. The cement content in castable is low, that is, the content of calcium oxide is low, which reduces the production of low melt in the material, thus improving the refractory, high temperature strength and slag resistance of the product.

2. The stirring water consumption of castable is only about half of that of ordinary castable, so the compactness of castable is improved and the porosity is reduced.

3. After forming and curing, the cement hydrates generated are less. When heating and baking, there is no large amount of water leakage, which reduces the medium-temperature strength.

Application: the current high aluminum and high strength castable is mainly used in industrial kilns of metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, building materials and other industries, and the effect is still better.


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