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"Internet plus" will create a fully standardized wisdom mine

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     


"Our winning bid is 21.4 yuan per ton, and we can save about 2 yuan per ton in coal mining costs while ensuring good project quality."A few days ago, shandong energy fertilizer group liangbaosi company 3422 coal mining face construction bidding site, after careful consideration of the company's coal mining area after its own bid.

In order to strengthen the control and management of mining costs and maximize profits, liangbaosi company selected excellent construction teams in the form of internal bidding for the first time.Through the implementation of the contract responsibility system, the responsibility and enthusiasm of contractors are improved, and the overall improvement of project unit price, time limit, quality, cost, safety and efficiency management is realized.After a round of fierce bidding, the construction plan and target submitted by the second district of coal mining were approved by the judges, and the construction permit of 3422 working face was obtained.

Since the beginning of this year, fertilizer mining group has been actively implementing the "market-oriented +" operation mode in the ownership units, allocating resources by market means, activating capital and maximizing efficiency and benefits.The internal bidding mechanism promoted by liangbaosi company is the mode of "marketization + single project bidding", which determines each working face and comprehensive unit price according to the marketization price system, and adopts the "four decisions" acquisition management of fixed time, investment, quality and benefit through bidding, bidding, bid evaluation and bid selection procedures.In addition to undertaking regular production, the mining and auxiliary units shall implement the bidding system for individual projects such as installation, expansion, renovation, demolition and cleaning that are not within the scope of their duties. One project, one bid, and one project, one settlement shall be implemented.

"The pre-tender price of 3,422 coal face mining costs put forward by the comprehensive budget center on the mine is 23.5 yuan per ton.After winning the bid in the second coal mining area, 2.3 yuan/ton was saved on the basis of the original 21.4 yuan/ton after one month's mining calculation.Not only reduced consumption, but also shortens the time limit for a project, improve the efficiency of nearly twenty percent, "company chief engineer Chen jianping Liang Bao temple to" market-oriented + single items of projects as a bid "mode," to save the cost of all become the employee of efficiency wage, everyone's salary increase a lot than before, enthusiasm are all up!"

At present, "Internet +" and "marketization +" of fertilizer mining group are advancing simultaneously, with prominent synergies.The ongoing "Internet +5F" project covers important aspects of comprehensive budget market-based management, and the goal of building a comprehensive and standardized smart mine is gradually being realized.For example, in the aspect of safety management, through the help of Internet technology, the closed-loop control of automatic analysis, classification analysis report and governance process of security hidden dangers by units, departments, specialties, levels and types is achieved.

According to the plan of fertilizer mining group, this year we should set up a new thinking of implementing the transformation of management system and mechanism by all staff, and make "marketization +" and "Internet +" become new engines for changing the organizational system, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and promote the upgrading of enterprise management.



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