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Yuneng Product30-year history of producing,R&D and construction. Diversified product mix meet the needs of various industries

Manufacturer of High Quality Refractories

Decades of professional growth to provide high-performance product quality



Zibo YUNENG Kiln

     Zibo YUNENG Kiln Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of producing refractory castable,insulation brick,refractory brick and ceramic fiber products.
     The company integrates R&D, design and production.Refractories and insulation materials we produce are widely used in circulating fluidized bed,electircal kiln and industrial kiln ,new energy industry,etc.
     Our company has special producing methods , complete quality control management and testing equipments to ensure the stability of the quality of products.We also have experienced engineers.They can customized all kinds of new refractories and insulation materials....>>

Core Advantage-Zibo Yunneng Kiln
Provide you with high-quality refractories that save money, care and effort
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