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Wear-resistant refractory insulation material for circulating fluidized bed boiler thermoelectric boiler

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Our company specializes in the production of circulating fluidized bed boiler and other thermoelectric boiler wear-resistant, refractory insulation materials and cement kiln metallurgical furnace wear-resistant refractory insulation materials.

Due to the temperature fluctuations, the erosion of airflow soot and acid medium erosion, the use of refractory materials for CFB boiler conditions are very harsh, lining refractory materials in the use process is mainly affected by the following damage factors:

1. Temperature change caused by water vapor boiling in coal, temperature difference inside and outside water cooling wall, and thermal shock caused by sharp temperature drop after slag discharge.

2, combustion turbulence and soot on the furnace refractory material violent erosion (especially in the combustion wall and the cyclone tube tangent area) caused wear.

3, the coal contains harmful impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen and other combustion produced sulfur dioxide, oxygen nitride and other acidic substances, which on the refractory products chemical erosion and penetration peeling.

According to the above analysis of the conditions of use, in order to ensure the boiler lining has a durable durability, the traditional single material refractory is difficult to meet the requirements.Our factory has been cooperating with the Chinese academy of sciences, luoyang institute of refractory materials, wuhan university of metallurgy and other scientific research institutions since the 1990s to carry out technical breakthroughs and design traditional unshaped castable into multi-component composite refractory materials according to various destructive factors.The composite refractory has high wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and other properties.After many compound optimal selection of substrate materials, and combining the practical experience, the circulating fluidized bed boiler lining design line designed to give priority to with abrasive corundum level material, supplemented by A12O3, superfine powder, additives, such as the optimization combination of matrix material is time boiler wear-resistant corundum castable material, the material has the following properties:

L. Good fluidity under low added water;

2. The construction time is between 30-90min.

3. Suitable physical properties such as linear change rate, volume density, porosity, strength and sintering performance.

4. Good thermal shock stability.

5. Excellent wear resistance.

6. Good anti-spalling performance.

7, good resistance to acid medium erosion performance.

After more than ten years of practice, wear-resistant corundum castable has become the main wear-resistant material for circulating bed furnace wall.Moreover, it can completely replace the imported materials of the same type, and all the factories have obtained better economic and social benefits after using the wear-resistant castable.

Also according to the boiler lining material these several destructive factors, our company has developed the zirconium chromium corundum series wear-resistant brick in cooperation with lornin institute, wuhan metallurgy university, Chinese academy of sciences and Shanghai taishan refractory material co., LTD.Through the selection of wear-resistant grade raw materials (such as zircon sand, chromium ore, corundum sand, etc.) and the optimization of their combination, mixed with part of the additives, to achieve the purpose of low-temperature sintering.The wear resistance coefficient of the material can reach less than 4cc, and has good thermal shock stability and chemical erosion resistance, the actual service life of more than 3 years.

The above two kinds of wear-resisting materials for circulating fluidized bed were appraised as China patent technology product exposition in 2000.The gold & throughout;, welcomed by users.

In recent years, we have developed a new generation of new products, wear-resistant plastics and self-flowing castable, which are used in the construction of difficult parts.Its various performance indexes can meet the lining requirements of fluidized bed boiler, and the construction is convenient, which is accepted by the majority of users.

Second, technical strength

The enterprise attaches great importance to the use and training of technical personnel, the existing refractory engineer level 2, senior engineer 3, assistant 13 people.All the employees of the company have received on-the-job training and hold the post certificate. The employees have high quality and serious working attitude.

Our company also employs li xiaoming, research institute of amorphous materials, wuhan metallurgical university, and professor huang zhaohui, Beijing university of geosciences, as technical consultants.In recent years, we have developed a new generation of wear-resistant plastic and self-flowing castable for difficult construction parts. Its performance is better and construction is convenient, which has been accepted by the majority of users.The company's technical personnel with special professional dedication, scientific spirit, their company's entrepreneurial development of valuable wealth.Respect for science, respect for talent is the consensus of all staff of the company.In the process of implementing the standard, the staff of all departments of the company receive special training, which also improves the comprehensive quality of all employees.

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