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How to deal with power failure of air flotation equipment

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2019-06-12     

1. When using air flotation equipment, if the machine still shows downtime, the sewage pump and dosing equipment should be manually shut down. If the system used is stopped, the operation will be stopped due to power failure. As long as the host of the air flotation device stops running, it is considered due to power problems. Can be viewed as if the host power line or electronic control system is shorted.

2, the host hardware of the air flotation equipment is not easy to damage. In the daily switch machine, pay attention to check whether the cable is damaged or aging before the machine is turned on. Once found, the electric engineer should be told to deal with it in time to avoid the loss caused by sudden shutdown.

When the air flotation device is suddenly shut down during operation, we must carefully handle it to avoid this situation in the later stage. Air floatation equipment is used in the sewage treatment system of petroleum, chemical, steel, tanning, electric power, textile, food, municipal and other industries with excellent performance. It is a substitute for traditional air flotation equipment.


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