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Flame retardants kill fires

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Flame retardants kill fires

Fire retardants play an important role in reducing fire hazards, such as fire research scientist JamieGrunlan said, if I live in a room without flame retardants, I would be very upset, because it would be a huge fire hazard.However, many ordinary people have little knowledge of flame retardants, and do not realize the importance of flame retardants.

Flame retardants are used in transportation, electronics and electrical equipment, furniture, and buildings and building materials.Flame retardants are applied to the circuit boards of computers, to the plastic shells of mobile phones, to the seats of cinemas and theatres and cars, and to the insulation on the facades of public buildings.

Therefore, the relevant fire regulations and standards of various countries are mandatory that the corresponding plastic parts in electronic equipment, buildings and vehicles must meet the fire retardant requirements, that is, must add flame retardants.

The role of flame retardants in fire safety has been proven.The European commission estimates that the use of flame retardants has reduced fire deaths in Europe by 20% in the past decade.According to global plasticizers, flame retardants used in the 2013 crash of an asiana airlines flight in San Francisco and the 2005 crash of an air France flight in Toronto saved lives because of their compliance with U.S. aviation industry rules on fire-resistant safety seats and cargo aircraft.

Therefore, the use of flame retardants in strict accordance with fire safety standards can meet the needs of social safety in production and life, prevent fire and protect people's lives and property.Just like this, basf is actively applying safer flame retardants to all polystyrene insulation products in many countries around the world to further improve fire safety performance. Basf's insulation solutions will be able to meet the requirements of various sustainable building projects in the future


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