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What should I do if the hot water boiler encounters an emergency shutdown?

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The situation and operation steps of the hot water boiler in case of emergency shutdown:

1. The situation of emergency stop hot water boiler

1) When the outlet temperature exceeds the allowable value, the over-temperature alarm is activated and the temperature continues to rise.

2) The pressure gauge and the thermometer all fail, and the liquid level of the liquid level gauge fluctuates drastically. Although measures are taken, it still cannot be restored to normal.

3) Defects such as bulging, deformation, cracks, etc. of the pressurized parts of the hot water boiler are serious threats to safety.

4) The circulation pump is completely damaged and cannot be operated.

5) When the pipeline valve is broken, the flange joint surface is flushed out, etc., causing a large amount of leakage of the heat transfer fluid.

6) A fire or other accident in the vicinity directly threatens the safe operation of the hot water boiler.

2. Operation steps of emergency stop hot water boiler:

1) Firstly, the red fire is blown out from the hot water boiler and then the water is extinguished; the chain grate swings the curved plate of the coal gate, and the grate goes away from the fast block, and the coal in the furnace is quickly finished, and the blast and wind are stopped; The briquette furnace pushes all the coal briquettes into the furnace, opens the front and rear furnace doors, and cools the furnace temperature.

2) Turn off the circulation pump.

3) Open the oil drain valve, put all the heat transfer liquid in the system into the oil storage tank, then cut off the contact between the hot water boiler and other equipment, and close the inlet and outlet valves;

4) Open the furnace door, see the fire door, and the chimney baffle to speed up the natural ventilation and cooling of the furnace.

Precautions for emergency hot water boiler operation When emergency shutdown operation is taken, keep calm, first identify the cause, and then take measures against the direct cause. Be careful when handling emergency shutdown hot water boilers to prevent burns.


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