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High aluminum wear-resisting ball


    High aluminum wear-resisting ball

    High aluminum wear-resisting ball

    High alumina wear-resistant ball with high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, than big, small volume, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, no pollution and other excellent properties and is widely applied to different types of ceramic, enamel, glass, thick hard material finishing and deep processing of the chemical factory, is a ball mill, cylindrical grinding machine, vibration grinding machine, fine crushing equipment of grinding media, its crushing grinding efficiency and wear resistance significantly better than ordinary or natural pebble stone ball.

    Product introduction

    Properties: alias ceramic ball, ceramic ball, grinding ball, corundum ball, wear-resistant ceramic ball, high aluminum ball

    The appearance is white and spherical, with a diameter of 20mm

    Product advantage

    (1) the main component of this product is alumina, with high whiteness, which has no influence on the quality of the grinding material.

    (2) the product adopts rolling and isostatic molding, with a significant specific ratio, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding time, and effectively increase the effective volume of the ball mill, thus increasing the amount of grinding materials added.

    (3) the product has low abrasion and can greatly extend the service life of the grinding body.

    (4) the product can withstand more than 1000 degrees of high temperature, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

    Technical parameters







    iron oxide(%)






    Water absorption (%)



    volume density(g/cm3)



    pressive strengthMPa









    Zibo Yuneng Kiln Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional High aluminum wear-resisting ball manufacturer in Shandong。Our company High aluminum wear-resisting ball sincerely obtains the prestige,rewards our customers with the preferential price of High aluminum wear-resisting ball and warm service。Our main products:refractory castable,high strength castable,alumina silicate fiber module,alumina silicate felt,alumina silicate fiber blanket,alumina silicate cotton,etc。The products sell well in dozens of metallurgical,chemical and electric power enterprises all over the country and are well received by users。The company's unique production process,quality management and testing equipment to ensure product quality and stability,has a high-quality staff and professional and technical personnel,according to the different requirements of users,the development and design of a variety of new refractory materials。To know the latest High aluminum wear-resisting ball price can be posted on our website,we will contact you within 24 hours,Tel: 13864463333 Manager Sun。

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