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Castable for gas furnace system


    Castable for gas furnace system

    1. Main body heat insulation lining castable ynlw-12s ynlw-13s

    2. Body heat insulation liner spray coating ynlw-13g ynlw-14g

    3. Working body lining castable ynch-14s

    4. Main body working line spray coating ynch-15s ynch-15s1

    Usage add water stir into mortar can vibration pouring construction, can also be semi-dry spraying construction

    Storage 50/kg bag sealed package room temperature storage for 3-4 months


    NO.TypeMaterialMaximum service temperature ℃Dosage of constructiong/cm3Burn after line changes %Post-burn compressive strength  Mpa
    1YNLW-12SThermal mass12001-0.2-0.40(1000℃)4.53.2
    YNLW-13SThermal mass13501.2-0.1-0.40(1000℃)2.0(bending)1.5(bending)2.5(bending 1300℃)
    2YNLW-13GThermal mass13501.5-0.08-0.13.5(bending)3.0(bending)4.5(bending 1300℃)
    YNLW-14GThermal mass14001.1-0.2-0.30(850℃)4.53.5
       3YNCH-14SHigh aluminum14502.50-0.24035
        4YNCH-15SHigh aluminum15502.3-0.1-0.20(1000℃)4540
    YNCH-15S1High aluminum15002.3-0.1-0.10(1000℃)4540

    Note: technical parameters shall be provisionally agreed in the contract according to the specific use environment

    Zibo Yuneng Kiln Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional Castable for gas furnace system manufacturer in Shandong。Our company Castable for gas furnace system sincerely obtains the prestige,rewards our customers with the preferential price of Castable for gas furnace system and warm service。Our main products:refractory castable,high strength castable,alumina silicate fiber module,alumina silicate felt,alumina silicate fiber blanket,alumina silicate cotton,etc。The products sell well in dozens of metallurgical,chemical and electric power enterprises all over the country and are well received by users。The company's unique production process,quality management and testing equipment to ensure product quality and stability,has a high-quality staff and professional and technical personnel,according to the different requirements of users,the development and design of a variety of new refractory materials。To know the latest Castable for gas furnace system price can be posted on our website,we will contact you within 24 hours,Tel: 13864463333 Manager Sun。

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