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Why is the non-stick aluminum castable widely used in the melting furnace?

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Reverberatory furnace is a common type of furnace in industrial furnaces, because if the furnace is corroded by aluminum liquid for a long time, it will lead to the user to use the refractory material in the furnace to be relatively simple and damaged, and frequently repaired, causing trouble to the owner.undefined

      The application of non-stick aluminum castables on the reverberatory furnace The overall casting of the metallurgical furnace is a metallurgical furnace masonry method in which the refractory material of the furnace body is cast once in the field with refractory castables. The operating temperature of the round furnace is as high as 1200 °C, and the high temperature operating temperature of the stationary furnace is 1000 °C. After the aluminum alloy furnace is locally cast with a refractory castable, the skill of the whole life of the furnace is improved. Yuqi refractory non-stick aluminum refractory castable is referred to as non-stick aluminum castable. The non-stick aluminum castable combines the characteristics of organic and inorganic binders. It mainly participates in a certain amount of new composite refractories insoluble in aluminum. Useful Controlling the corrosion of the refractory by the aluminum liquid, the non-stick aluminum castable has the characteristics of high bulk density, high strength, and no wetness of the aluminum liquid.

      The detailed application of the non-stick aluminum castable in the reverberatory furnace:

Working with aluminum water touch parts, such as reverberating furnace wall, furnace bottom, concentrated melting furnace and aluminum water touch parts, holding furnace lining, flow trough, degassing box, filter box, aluminum water bag, etc.;

       Service life of non-stick aluminum castables:

(1) In the process of aluminum smelting, no aluminum ash, no corundum tumor, no metal alloy solution in the refractory material is prevented from reacting, and then the impurities are prevented from entering the aluminum alloy to affect the quality of the aluminum alloy;

(2) Decrease the adhesion rate of aluminum liquid and improve the anti-seepage ability.

(3) Operating temperature: 1450 ° C high. Shelf life: 6 months in a dry environment. Primary characteristics: corrosion resistance, good fluidity, non-stick aluminum, easy to clear, anti-soak;

      After the construction of non-stick aluminum castables, the strength can meet the demoulding requirements under normal conditions all the time. After demoulding, the construction body should first be maintained, and the maintenance temperature is about 25 °C. The natural maintenance time is no less than three days, the longer the better. The well-maintained construction body can be baked, and the baking is strictly carried out according to the baking curve of the non-stick aluminum castable.


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