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Lightweight insulation castables

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Lightweight thermal insulation castables are made of porous clinker aggregate, ultra-fine high-aluminum powder, raw clay, silica fume, binder, expansion agent, coagulant and water reducer produced by the low-melt addition method. A hydraulic castable made of a combination of pores.

The utility model has the advantages of small bulk density, high strength, good air tightness, small change after burning, low thermal conductivity and high use temperature. The construction workability is good, and it is especially suitable for wall linings with complicated shapes, and the furnace wall is strong overall after construction.

Widely used in industrial kiln wall lining or high temperature industrial kiln backing insulation layer. Including non-ferrous metal melting furnace, tunnel firing kiln, rolling steel soaking furnace, continuous heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, well furnace, hood furnace, etc.


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