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What is the difference between traditional and special corundum refractory bricks?

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What is the difference between traditional and special corundum refractory bricks?

The corundum bricks produced by the traditional process cannot achieve a very good degree of physical properties and performance, and their thermal shock resistance is poor. Nowadays, through the use of pure raw materials and in-situ bonding technology, the physical properties and performance of corundum brick refractories have made great progress, and the variety has been increasing. Among them, the original mullite combined with 90% Al2O3 corundum bricks and special Al2O3, combined with 94% Al203, and even 98% Al2O3 corundum bricks have been developed.

These special corundum refractory brick refractories have lower porosity, higher density and stronger strength than the traditional corundum refractory bricks of the same material, especially the thermal shock resistance. 50mm× 50mm× 76mm sample is 1200% insulated for 10min, water cooled for 2min, placed in air for 8min for — recycled for more than 40 times, while traditional refractory bricks are only 2~7 times, even for traditional mullite corundum bricks. 10 to 15 times.

Special mullite combined with corundum bricks are mainly used in low temperature carbon black reactors or in cooling belts for high temperature carbon black reactors. The actual use results show that the service life of special mullite combined with 90% A12 O3 corundum bricks is 50% to 200% higher than that of traditional mullite & mdash; corundum bricks are greatly extended in the combustion and restraining belts. The service life. Special A1203 combined with corundum brick refractory (95% & mdash; 98% Al2O3), mainly used in the reaction zone of the carbon black reaction furnace, the temperature limit can reach 2000 °C.

 Since the establishment of our company, we have been committed to the R&D, production and sales of refractory materials. Now we have been widely used. Our products have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and fully comply with national quality standards. Advance with the times, continuously promote technological innovation, and strive to create more quality projects for the society.


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