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What are the factors affecting the fire endurance of steel fire retardant coatings?

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     

We know that steel structure fireproof coatings can play a role in fire protection because fireproof coatings can ignite or delay flame combustion due to their special processes. There is a proper term for fire retardant coatings for steel structures called fire endurance. What are the factors that affect the fire endurance of steel fire retardant coatings?

So what is the fire endurance? The fire endurance is interpreted as a fire test of any building component on a time-temperature profile, from the time the fire is applied to the time when the support capacity is lost or the integrity is destroyed or the fire barrier is lost. As one of the improvement measures for steel structure fireproof coating, the fire endurance is an important indicator of the fire performance of steel structure fireproof coating. So, what will affect the fire resistance of steel structure fire retardant coatings?

First, the fire resistance limit performance of steel fire retardant coatings is closely related to the thickness of the spray. The same kind of fireproof coatings have different thicknesses and different fire resistance limits. In general, the thicker the coating, the longer the fire resistance time.

Secondly, the professional steel structure fireproof coating construction team is also one of the influencing factors. The construction quality of steel structure fireproof coating directly affects the use effect and fire safety performance, because the non-professional construction team can not guarantee the coating thickness to meet the fireproof requirements, which will affect the fire resistance limit of the steel structure fireproof coating.


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