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Acid environment refractory acid lining

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Petrochemical and coal chemical industry in the production process will produce a large number of sulfuric acid gas, acid water, must be treated before discharge.The combustion treatment of sulfur-containing gas can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also recover the elemental sulfur and create economic benefits for the factory.

Liquid sulfur pools are set in sulfur recovery devices to store elemental sulfur. The temperature of liquid sulfur is about 200℃.
For this reason, tianjin zhenpu has put forward a patent technology of refractory and acid-resistant lining, which is widely used in the environment of high temperature acidic medium.

Requirement of acid medium environment for refractory lining

1. Good acid resistance

Acid corrosion is the most direct damage to furnace body in acidic environment, so acid resistance is the most important performance requirement of furnace lining.

2. Good overall performance

The liquid sulfur pool is usually located underground, made of concrete or steel plate. The inside is constructed with acid-resistant brick to protect the concrete or steel plate from corrosion and avoid leakage.

Traditional acid-resistant brick masonry liquid sulfur pool is difficult to construct and requires high skill of workers.Because of the existence of brick joints, liquid sulfur easily permeates into the surface of concrete or steel plate, forming solid sulfur, not only causes the corrosion of concrete or steel plate, but also causes the drop of acid-resistant brick, so the lining is required to have good integrity.


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