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Wear-resistant brick products construction process

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Wear-resistant brick products construction technology.

· select the bricks before laying, and remove the bricks with edges and angles missing in the transportation and transportation process by using the bricks that have exceeded the design requirements (if the spare parts are not enough, inform the supplier to make up).

· brick lining, bracket, pull hook, manhole door and temperature measuring hole must be installed according to the design requirements of the drawing.

· the gap between brick joints shall be controlled between 2 and 3mm, and no re-joints shall be allowed. The mortar shall be made of high-temperature fire-resistant mortar.Ash seam is absolutely full and even.

· expansion joints shall be set aside at the junction of wall to wall (both sides and front and rear) according to the design requirements. High-aluminum fiber rope or aluminum silicate fiberboard shall be placed in the joints for squeezing.The wall shall not be uneven and shall not be deviated by 3mm vertically.

· according to the design of the drawings, materials shall not be used incorrectly. All metal objects in contact with refractory materials shall be coated with 2mm asphalt or asbestos rope.

· after insulation, the external wall temperature must not be higher than 50℃, and the seal must be good.

· the insulation layer of the external wall shall be fixed with high temperature binder, and then pressed and flattened with galvanized wire mesh. The plastering surface shall be smooth and flat, with neat edges and corners, without cracks or bumps.

· no foreign matter shall be found in the plaster. Stir with clean water, and the thickness error of the insulation layer shall not exceed 5mm.


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