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Introduction and characteristics of aluminum silicate fiber castable

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Product description:

Aluminum silicate fiber castable production process is zibo huayan refractory fiber co., LTD.According to the different refractoriness to choose different kinds of matrix materials and binder, will be broken aluminum silicate fiber added in these loose materials, after stirring, adding water (add water to reach 40% ~ 90% of its shrinkage) stirring molding.

Product features:

Aluminum silicate fiber castable/ceramic fiber castable not only has the high temperature resistance, high strength and low shrinkage rate of heavy refractory castable, but also has the low thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance of light insulation castable.The thermal conductivity of granular ceramic fiber castable was 0.48w/m&middot at 500℃.K or so.The appearance of high strength and light castable improves the insulation effect of overall castable of furnace wall, but most of the light heat insulation castable has low temperature and small strength.At present, alumina hollow ball refractory castable and mullite high strength light castable, although the compressive strength of drying at 110℃ reaches 12 ~ 18MPa, it is very little improved at high temperature, only at 25MPa, the thermal conductivity at 500℃ is still twice as high as that of ceramic fiber castable.


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