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Overview and classification of castable precast blocks

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     

Castable precast blocks are also known as fire-resistant prefabricated parts.According to the requirements of customers, the production mode is to select refractory castable or plastic, after fully mixing, into the prefabricated various molds, with vibration, ramming molding.After molding, put in the room of constant temperature and humidity maintenance, maintenance time generally must 3 days.Curing is finished, knock with small hammer, by knocking sound to judge the curing degree of the product, determine whether it can be demodded.If the sound is muffled and the skin is soft, it must be air-dried for one day.

Castable precast blocks can be used directly or after baking, depending on the material.High creep performance requirements, can also be used after high temperature sintering products.Castable precast blocks are divided into aluminate cement, sodium silicate, aluminum phosphate, clay binding and low cement precast blocks according to the binding agent.By weight, it is divided into large, medium and small prefabricated blocks.Precast block with reinforcement and anchor pieces, so it is divided into ordinary precast block, steel precast block and anchor piece precast block.


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