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Investigation on the usage of blue SPAR

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Kyanite is a refractory, pressure resistance, alkali resistance of high performance refractories, since the 1980 s kyanite exploitation has been gradually developed in our country, but the current domestic products of kyanite and international industry there are some difference, need to further improve the level of concentration, reduce costs, improve the quality and supply better kyanite products.


Application of cyanite in metallurgical industry


The addition of bluestone to the gun mud can be used in the blast furnace iron mouth to play the role of alkali resistance, slag resistance, resistance to molten iron corrosion;In the production of low creep bricks made of bluestone, they can be used in hot air furnace for bearing and creep resistance.Bluestone is added to castable, refractory mud and modified high alumina brick, which is mostly used in heating furnace and soaking pit.Made of high and soft, high thermal shock refractory can be used in electric furnace top can withstand high temperature, temperature fluctuations, resistance to dust and gas erosion.


The application of blue SPAR in ceramic, kiln furniture and ceiling board


Adding ceramic kiln furniture can improve the thermal shock resistance, improve the white surface of kiln furniture, and improve the strength of ceramic kiln furniture.


The application of bluestone in the field of building materials


Production of castable for cement kiln pre - tropical, transition zone, cooling zone.


Application of blue crystal in the field of raw materials


As the raw material of mullite calcining mullite, synthetic mullite

As raw material of aluminum-silicon alloy production aluminum-silicon alloy



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