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Zibo environmental protection, public security joint law enforcement closure pollution enterprises

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     

Burnt precious stone is a kind of high quality fire-resistant clay produced in zibo city of shandong province. What we call burnt precious stone is ripe burnt precious stone. The professional term is first-class hard clay clinker, which is made by calcining at high temperature.

Zibo area part of the distribution of small businesses dense mountain, remote location, more than surrounding stone factories, transport raw materials convenient.Moreover, these small enterprises' coke gem kilns directly burn coal without corresponding environmental protection equipment, and produce a large amount of sulfur dioxide, smoke and dust in the production process, which has a great impact on the surrounding ecological environment and has been reported by the masses.

On April 28, zibo city environmental protection bureau, zibo city public security bureau again joint attack, in zichuan, boshan environmental protection department and the local town government to cooperate, with one action will hide in the boshan economic development zone yuanyu village and zichuan district lingzi town nanshi village junction of 5 jiao gem kiln demolition.

Law enforcement officials had already shut down the kilns and given them until April 27 to dismantle them.However, before the demolition on the 28th, some kilns are still full of raw materials, and some of them can still feel hot air from the top of the kilns even though they are not produced."Previously, we received reports from the public several times and sent environmental law enforcement officers to conduct on-site inspections.But because of its special location, at the border of two districts and counties, boshan and zichuan, law enforcement was difficult."Zibo city environmental supervision detachment responsible person said, before the boshan environmental protection department to check, kiln owners said the kiln is in zichuan land boundary, and zichuan environmental protection department again, they said the kiln is in the bo shan land boundary.

In this regard, the law enforcement department investigated and learned that some of these kilns were indeed built in boshan district and some in zichuan district. Therefore, zibo environmental protection and public security took another joint action on October 28. Zichuan and boshan environmental protection departments and local town government actively cooperated and mobilized two forklift trucks to remove kilns on site.At present, the main body of 5 kilns has been completely dismantled.

As we have learned, small business of soil has dimensions small, transfer fast, investment little, profit big wait for a characteristic, although zibo environmental protection branch closes in recent years great strength close ban, but phenomenon of resurgence happens from time to time.But the joint action of zibo environmental protection and public security shows the determination of zibo district to shut down and ban polluting enterprises.



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