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Chemical and physical indexes of combustion chamber of refractory and wear-resistant heat preservation material for circulating fluidized bed boiler

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Name of the entitymaterialWith more thanThe physical and chemical indicators



Material is qualitative withremark
The combustion chamber

Self-flowing corundum castable

YG - GJ - 14

Bauxite aggregate 30

Corundum material 50

Steel fiber


Additive 19

Fire resistance >1790℃;Volume density <2.7g/cm3;

Normal temperature compressive strength >105 Mpa;Bending strength >8 Mpa;

Change rate of reburning line is 0.1%.Thermal shock stability >20 times;

Maximum operating temperature 1650℃;Wear < 8 cc

4 years

The above

  The self-flowing corundum castable is made up of three main raw materials :(1) the bauxite aggregate is used for fire resistance and thermal shock stability.(2) corundum material is used to play a wear-resisting role; (3) steel fiber: it is directly combined in the material layer to strengthen the binding force of the material layer, which can greatly improve its toughness, crack resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance, thus extending the service life of castable.

Lightweight insulating castable

YG - QJ - 0


Ceramic (10-0) 40

Floating bead (dry) 20

Silicon powder 8

Additive 32

Fire resistance >1200℃;Volume density 0.8g /cm3;

Compressive strength 3Mpa;Apparent stomatal rate <0.3%;

Maximum operating temperature 1150℃;

Thermal conductivity 0.28w/m.k

Abrasive layer expansion and contraction of the auxiliary role and a certain degree of insulation.Main material: self-flowing corundum castable, which has been used in various fluidized bed parts for many years, has shown excellent properties such as fire resistance and wear resistance, and has been recognized and praised by users.
Aluminum silicate fiberboard

Fire resistance >1000℃;Volume density 0.2g/cm3;

Compressive strength 0.8mpa;The change rate of the reburned line was <0.2%

Maximum operating temperature 900℃

Thermal conductivity 0.05w/m.k


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